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Who is the Real Mayor of Alma?

February 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

From AlmaReview.com 

Jerry Austin Martin took office as the Mayor for the City of Alma, Arkansas; or did he?

EXTRA, EXTRA, FLASH STORY FROM ALMA REVIEWMartin’s real name is Jerry DeWayne Martin.  He ran as Jerry Austin Martin, he sometimes refers to himself as Jerry Austin.  So who did the citizens of Alma elect?  Jerry Austin Martin was seen on the local television station defending  Jerry DeWayne Martin who was attempting to default on a bank card debt of $35,000.00 plus dollars.  So who is the real Mayor of Alma, how many more names should the citizens of Alma expect to encounter.  What other surprises will be made known to the citizens of Alma.  Is this just the beginning of a long story of deceit.  A lot of talk was heard during the election about transparency.  Why was this information not made known to the voters of Alma.  Were there individuals in positions of authority that overlooked or suppressed this information?  These are questions being discussed in restaurants, homes, and other places throughout the city of Alma.

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