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Concerned Citizens of Alma

February 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

Alma Review ExtraConcerned Citizens of AlmaConcerned Citizens of Alma has formally began holding planning and organizational building meetings.  Future meetings are planned in preparation of formally seeking the recall of Mayor Jerry Dewayne Austin Martin.

During the meeting of February 26, 2018 the announcement of business sponsorship in support of the recall.  “Alma deserves better leadership.  A business owner was present: “We expanded our business in Alma because of the people and the integrity of the local city officials.  That seems to be gone now.”

The director of Concerned Citizens of Alma thanked several businesses for their support and contributions.  The director highlighted Alma Review for their investigation into the mayor and allowing the group to used their investigative articles RecallMartin.com

The Mayor’s Fact Check can be located at MayorJerryMartin.com.



Publisher’s note:  Alma Review has made several attempts to contact Mayor Jerry Martin with no response.  Alma Review has offered to sponsor a town hall meeting where we would send in an out of state journalist to sit down with the mayor in a townhall and ask the questions that many citizens of Alma wants to know the answers.  This offer has been ignored by the mayor.  “It is sad when a mayor of an American city displays such disdain for the media and the right for the citizens to be informed.”

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